We all need a little extra color, when it's raining cats and dogs...

  • mymandabrella, the umbrella with pizzazz.
  • Exclusive and one of a kind, a true must have.
  • The valuable, high-quality gift idea.

My mandalas printed on umbrella. I am deeply devoted to designing and painting them with fantastic color combinations. It is truly a beautiful craft to come up with my own refined blend of colors and I love to take my time with it. 

with love and philosophy

When I design a mandala

I create a universe.

with patience into the last details

Painting my mandalas

is relaxing to me.

great passion for color

I pay attention to minute nuances

when I blend my colors.

Once the artwork is finished, it is professionally photographed and then passes on to my business partner. She will take over and make sure that the prototype is executed according to my specifications. The story of mymandabrella started in 2018...

made in Switzerland

by Strotz AG, Uznach.

 quality and dustainability

Production based on high social

and ecological standards.